Canadian Language Benchmark
A classification system that describes your English language levels in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
Unpaid work with a non-profit or charity organization.
Language assessment centre
A centre where you take a language level test before beginning government-funded English classes.
Occupation Specific Language Training (OSLT)
A language program delivered by Ontario Colleges that helps students develop better communication skills for the Canadian workplace.
Enhanced Language Training (ELT)
A language training program that provides job-specific, advanced-level English training to adult newcomers.
Sector-specific language
Vocabulary, terms and expressions that are used in a specific industry.
Bridge training programs
Programs to help internationally trained professionals and tradespeople work in their field in Ontario.

Labour Market Information

Hidden Job Market
Jobs that are not advertised.
Labour Market Information
Information about the supply and demand of labour. This helps you to make informed decisions during your job search.
Regulated Professions and Trades
Jobs where you need a license to work. Licensing for these jobs is decided by a regulatory body.
A job, trade or profession.
A job that requires approval from a regulatory body.
Unregulated profession
A job that does not require licensing from a regulatory body.
Credential Evaluation
When credentials such as degrees, diplomas or other qualifications from your home country are assessed against Canadian standards.


Building relationships with people who can support you during your job search and career.
People who will support you during your job search and career.
A social media platform specifically designed for professional and career purposes.
LinkedIn Profile
An online summary of your skills, education and experience.
Informational interviews
A meeting with someone who can give you information and advice on your career.
Job search
The process of looking for employment.
Mentoring program
Programs where you are matched with a professional who can help you learn about your field and the Canadian labour market.
Employment agencies
Community organizations that help you with your job search.
Unpaid work with a non-profit or charity organization.


Employment agency
Community organizations that help you with your job search.
Career counsellors
Professionals who can help you with your job search and career decisions. Employment specialists, employment counsellors, program coordinators and job developers can also help you.
A document that summarizes your education, skills and experience for potential employers.
Opinions and comments.
Checking your work to make sure there aren’t any mistakes.
Cover letter
A letter explaining why you would be a good fit for a job opportunity.


People who can talk about your work experience, work habits, character and skills.
Examples of past projects and accomplishments.


Employment Resource Centre
Centres with free services to help you with your job search.
Settlement Agency
An organization that provides services to help you adjust to your new life in Canada.
Opinions and comments.
Thinking of different ideas.
Mock interview
A practice interview with a career counsellor or friend.

Workplace Rights

Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)
Laws that outline your health and safety rights and responsibilities at work.
Employment Standards Act (ESA)
Laws that protect your rights at work.